Our Vision

-If we could sum up One Church in one short, easy phrase it would be: Together is better. But for a little more on what that means, read on.

Mission: Working as one to help people follow Jesus.

A PLACE to BELONG: At One, everybody has a place to belong. No matter their age, background, baggage, status...we are a community for people to belong, even before they believe. We cultivate a community of inclusivity, especially in the midst of cultural exclusivity. A place to belong creates space for life, love, conversations, asking questions and the opportunity to experience who God really is. We create space for everyone to connect to the One Church community. If together really is better, then people need a place to experience that togetherness.

A SPACE to EXPLORE: We value the opportunities for people to explore who God is. We create spaces to teach, dialogue and learn about who God is, specifically through Jesus in order for people to discover the love that God has for them and the life he calls them to. We provide teaching of who God is with the focus centering on the work and life of Jesus, we create space for conversations to wrestle with life, faith, and all that comes with that.

A COMMUNITY to SERVE: We value the call to love the people around us. We will be known as a church that loves our neighbors and our community. Corporately, we come alongside the community to strengthen it through partnerships that involve us serving, sacrificing, and being generous with our time and resources. Individually, we engage our neighbors, coworkers and everyone else that God has placed in our lives and look for ways to serve them where needed.

A LIFE of PURPOSE: We value the fact that Jesus didn’t call us just to believe in Him and show up on Sunday morning. He has called us to live life purposely on mission to help others know and experience God. We work to equip One to live life in a way that engages and invites other people in our journey together as a church. This means being purposeful with our time, resources, and the relationships that God has led us into.

A MOVEMENT to MULTIPLY: We value reproducing and growing God’s church. We believe that a mark of a healthy church is a growing church. So we want to multiply the movement that One Church is a part of. We do this by making disciples that disciple other people, training and expecting our groups to multiply. We will multiply churches through planting more churches.

We will network and partner with other churches to both bless our communities and strategically plant more churches in Pittsburgh, in our region and globally.